Edith Liddell




Kanji イーディス=リデル
Rōmaji Iideisu Rideru
Gender Female
Country England
Relatives Lorina Liddell-Older Sister

Alice Liddell-Older Sister

Visual Novel Alice in the Country of Hearts
Anime Alice in the Country of Hearts
Manga Alice in the Country of Hearts
Voice Actor/Actress



Edith is Alice's younger sister, whose memory also brings pain to Alice whenever she tries to remember her. She is said to be attending a boarding school at the beginning of the story, thus she does not accompany Alice and Lorina during their outing that leads to Alice arriving in Wonderland. Alice's only known memory of Edith involves Edith calling Alice coldhearted for not crying at their mother's funeral. Edith is named after Edith Liddell, the younger sister of Alice Liddell and a friend of Lewis Carroll.


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