Julius Monrey




Kanji ユリウス=モンレー
Rōmaji Yuriusu Monrē
Alias Mortician of Wonderland
Gender Male
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Country Country of Hearts
Visual Novel Alice in the Country of Hearts
Anime Alice in the Country of Hearts
Manga Alice in the Country of Hearts
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Takehito Koyasu


Julius Monrey is the Master of the Clock Tower. He disappeared when the world moved to the Country of Clover. He is actually a mortician, for he fixes clocks which serve as the hearts of the people in their world. Because of his job, many people hate him. Julius rarely goes out and dislikes noise. He is also very unfriendly and unsociable. The two people he can stand, other than Alice, are Ace and Gowland. In the manga, Alice lives with him in the Clock Tower.



He and Gray have a rivalry since Gray sees him to be better at arts than him. He and Ace are good, if not best, friends.

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